Armadillo Animal Totem Pendant


Boundaries, Protection, Empathy – Armadillo wears its armor on its back, its medicine is part of its body. Its boundaries of safety are a part of its total being. Adjust your rhythms and senses and you will know what is safe and what is not. Armadillo teaches you how to protect yourself and when to let your defenses down.


The Armadillo Animal Totem pendant is made of Excelsior Pewter. 1″ in diameter and comes with a 34″ cord, accent bead and booklet.

Key Words – Boundaries, Protection, Empathy

Armadillo has a hard shell and when threatened, it curls itself into a ball, so that it is completely protected. This protection is a part of its body, making boundaries and safety a natural part of itself.

As a totem, it gives us natural protection against negativity. It teaches us to consciously create emotional and physical boundaries. It teaches us how to protect ourselves and when to let our protection down so that others can get close to us.

The Armadillo asks us to watch for impulsiveness, over-reacting or taking things personally. It helps us to understand our boundaries and to respect other people’s boundaries. It helps us to understand our vulnerabilities. It shows us how to be empathic while creating a protective boundary. It shows us the need for being grounded and knowing how and when to put our protection up.


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